Creating home jewels out of well crafted Vintage pieces.

Here at OldCoolNow we take interesting and beautiful vintage pieces and reimagine them as designer lamps. We have always loved and admired well crafted projectors and cameras. We wanted them in our home and thought how could we make these beautiful pieces functional again. Naturally, we thought of lighting them and making them glow. Now they shine and have a purpose. Tim is very handy with tools. He Has a great sense of design and style. Each piece is thought about and given long thought on how it will be transformed.
Our signature pieces are the classic old movie projectors reimagined as a decorative lamp. These beautiful objects are based on vintage 8MM projectors from the latter half of the last century. They are grand, impressive pieces which perfectly compliment the home theater or man cave in your home or office. Each lamp is unique, handcrafted and elegant. They echo a time when movies were black and white and much cooler than they are today. The movie lover in your like would be thrilled to receive one of our special lamps.
If films aren't your thing then you might like something from our eclectic range of accent lamps. We are always hunting in estate sales, antique shops, and fairs to find that one piece we can make beautiful again.
We have movie cameras as well as projectors and other adorable lamps which just scream vintage cool. If you are looking for something special message us…we do custom commissions too.

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